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How to play with EMZ on Brawl Stars

Play with EMZ on Brawl Stars It can help you a lot if you have problems with crowd control.

She is specially designed for this, since it slows them down, and also has the bonus of being able to cause poison damage.

Therefore, we decided to give you some tips that will help you achieve victory with this Brawler Fighter

How to get EMZ?  

EMZ is unlocked by reaching 8000 trophies in the game. It is not a very large amount if you already have some time in the game, but if you are starting, the story is different.

If you are new to the game, or still have a lot of trophies to go before reaching 8000, we recommend that you focus on learning how to use other brawlersAs Shelly, they give it to you at the beginning of the game, and it is very good.

In addition, we have for you all the secrets to get those trophies that you need, and more, simply, free, and without resorting to hacks.

EMZ skills in Brawl Stars

With his main attack, EMZ deals moderate damage to multiple enemies at once by spraying them with his hairspray.

The mist from this spray will stay in the environment for a second, and will 700 damage per second. Also, it increases at each level.

Super: Corrosive Charisma

Using his Super, EMZ creates a toxic cloud that slows enemies within range, dealing residual damage.

The Super cannot be interrupted by stuns or takedowns.

When you bring it to levels 9 and 10, the damage per second reaches 280 points.

The best thing is that when using this Super, EMZ can move, unlike other Brawlers like Sandy.

EMZ Star Skills in Brawl Stars

Now we continue with his not inconsiderable stellar abilities:


With this ability, the residual damage that the Super deals to enemies is increased by 20%.


Wearing this ability, EMZ is able to regain 400 health points per second each time his Corrosive Charisma hits an enemy.

If it hits all the enemies, you can recover up to 2000 health points during the 5 seconds that the attack lasts.

EMZ gadget on Brawl Stars

To finish, let's go with the explanation of your Gadget.

Personal space

With the Gadget, EMZ can push each of the enemies they find near her, and doing so will deal 500 damage to them.

One more reason not to approach her.

EMZ gadget on Brawl Stars
EMZ gadget on Brawl Stars

Tips for playing at EMZ en Brawl Stars

  • To prevent enemies from escaping Corrosive Charisma, it is best to corner them against a wall so that they have no alternative but to be poisoned.
  • Play as a team. It's basic advice, but EMZ's abilities require this to be taken into account more than usual. Since all her attacks require her enemies to be within fairly close range, she is susceptible to a counterattack. Your allies will help you prevent this from happening.
  • Another reason you should be a team player when playing with EMZ in Brawl Stars, it's because Corrosive Charisma slows down enemies, and with that, your teammates will find it much easier to eliminate them.
  • Last but not least is that you always keep a safe distance from your opponents. Even though EMZ can regenerate a lot of hit points, you have to get away from enemies with a much greater range, or try to surprise them from behind to use the Super and have your team do the rest of the work.

That's it! We hope you find these tips to play with EMZ in Brawl Stars.

If, in addition, you need gems to level it up, we say methods to get gems ¡free and without using hacks!

free gems brawl stars
free gems brawl stars
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