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How many hours have you played Brawl Stars?

You want to know how many hours have you played Brawl Stars? We have the answer you are looking for, because now it is possible to know the number of hours you have been playing Brawl Stars simply and very quickly.

Thanks to the tool “How many hours have you played Brawl Stars”From the Brawl Time Ninja page, we can know the exact amount of hours we have invested in the game developed by Supercell.

Best of all, you don't need to enter any personal data; just place your Tag.

What is the tag to know how many hours you have played Brawl Stars?

It is very easy to know what your tag is. This is the only requirement you need to know how many hours you have played Brawl Stars.

To know what your tag is Brawl StarsAll you have to do is press on your profile icon. Right below your photo, you can find a # followed by a series of characters. That is your tag!

How many hours have you played Brawl Stars tag

Then you must copy it into the tool “How many hours have you played Brawl Stars”From the Brawl Time Ninja page, and click on the red“ search ”button. Once you do, in a few seconds it will appear not only how many hours you have played Brawl Stars, but also your winning percentage, the number of trophies you have achieved, and much more data.

There is even a test that will help you know which one brawler you are!

Spanish Pro Players statistics

Next, we leave you a list with the tags of the players of Brawl Stars More Pros so you can record your records:

  • GuilleVGX: # 8PJRRG2C
  • AlbertCG☢: # 2J9G8Q2Q
  • Trebor: # P0PULRC
  • Ikaoss: #PCPRPJV.
  • BosS: # V89Y2GP0
  • Drakkar: # 9QCJGGCV
  • ILEON: # 28YGY9PP
  • GamerBross ⚜: # RLY88V82
  • Anderchu88: # 8Y8Q0YVL
  • iMuniiz: # Q29PJV
  • MeiDriiiD: # PCL0CJG
  • East: # 2L2CCQ
  • Nana Osaki: # 99LVCGU

QLASH LATAM Player Stats

QLASH is one of the competitive teams that is betting the most on Brawl Stars. It is LATAM's largest Spanish-speaking Latin American team, based in Chile.

It is made up of the following players:

  • QLS | GuuhZera: # 8UJRGJYJ
  • QLS | AlchemicalX: # RL02R0GR
  • QLS | Alonsixø: # 2RCYVR2L
  • QLS | Samueliño: # GVL0J2J2
How many hours have you played Brawl Stars

Blue Player Stats

Blue's Brazilian team has managed to bring together several of the best players from Brawl Stars of the Latin American panorama.

  • Dunkhan_Sly 😀: # PVCUJU0
  • STS | EmerickYT: # QCC0UVC
  • ✳ Filipinno ✳: # RU9882C
  • < >: # CY0JJC0P

Tribe Player Stats

Here are the profiles of the Tribe players, one of the best British teams in terms of Brawl Stars refers.

This team founded by the famous American youtuber Chief Pat has managed to bring together 3 very good players and they are sure to fight in world championships. However, it is based in the UK.

  • Tribe | Tom: # VG8CRGGR
  • Tribe | SpenLC: # P800LV
  • Tribe | Symantec: # YQUCCJ2

SK Gaming Esports Player Stats

Despite being a German team, it took advantage of the dissolution of PSG Esports (current sponsor of the video game) to hire its three French players.

If you want to see the statistics of the best European players, click on one of these proplayers.

  • Yde: # VYPQ8JP
  • TwistiTwik: # 2VQ82YGY
  • xImSkYRiiKZz: # RRG0RUJU

CODEMAGIC Player Stats

Codemagic is one of the most interesting clubs on the international scene of Brawl Stars. It is the most successful French E-Sports team today, qualifying for the world championship in Poland.

  • CM | SunBentley: # 28JQYRL0
  • CM | Jeton: # LU2G8U
  • CM | KC: # YLP2Q99
  • CM | cursed: # RU8UUYJ

Jupiter Player Stats

It is probably the biggest Japanese club today. In addition, it is a professional electronic sports team in the Japanese country.

Its values ​​are: fashion, street culture, music, etc.

  • JUP | Milkreo: # 20C0LL00
  • JUP | Ponkotsu: # 89QPGG2

PSG ESports Player Stats

get PSG Mike for free on Brawl Stars

Although its acronym stands for "Paris Saint Germain", the branch of Brawl Stars is based in Singapore. This team is the official sponsor of Supercell, they even have their appearance, Shelly PSG and PSG Mike.

At the beginning of 2020 the contract of its French players expired, who became part of SK Gaming.

  • Relyh: # YU029
  • PSG | Jordon: # J9YCGVGU
  • CoupDeAce: # J08YLC9J
  • ABG | Scythe: # VP909L8P

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