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How to get 8-Bit on Brawl Stars

Get 8-Bit on Brawl Stars It can be quite a difficult task. It can be achieved with trophies, but if you are starting in the game we highly recommend that you focus on others brawlers, later you will see why.

Who is 8-Bit in Brawl Stars?

8-Bit is a Brawler Common, is a robot that resembles an arcade game machine with a powerful laser gun.

It is listed as a Brawler Sniper, just like Colt and Brock. 8-Bit fires abrasive bolts and his Super increases the damage he deals, and that of his allies.

It is also one of the Brawlers with more hit points, and has a more than acceptable damage capacity.

We have no doubt that he is a great defensive tank capable of giving a lot of support to his team.

How to get to 8-Bit?

This tender, but powerful sniper, is achieved on the trophy path, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article.

8-Bit Unlocks With 6000 Trophies. We know, it may be too large a quantity, but it is certainly worth achieving.

Anyway, it is not an impossible amount of trophies to reach, but for now the best thing you can do is focus on others Brawlers like Bo, who is very good and gets half the trophies.

In addition, we have for you all the secrets to get those trophies and more simply, free, and without resorting to hacks.

Curiosities about 8-Bit

  • It is based on an 8-bit arcade machine.
  • On August 20, its screen crashed and if you pressed 7 times it would take you to a hidden game.
  • Your skin "8-BiT Classic”Refers to the controls on your body (similar to those on a Gameboy console). That "+ sign" is a motion joystick.
  • He is the sixth Brawler robot in game after Tick, Carl, Rico, Darryl and Barley.

That's it! We hope this has been a great help in getting 8-Bit on Brawl Stars soon.

By the way, if you want to know how you can get gems in Brawl Stars totally free, we also tell you! Without resorting to hacks, or other illegal means.

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