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Build to Brawler: Create your own brawler from 0

Build to Brawler is a movement that has been growing in the community of Brawl Stars for some time.

And, although the idea is quite simple, as the name suggests, there is no doubt that it would make the game developed by Supercell something much more innovative and dynamic, since each game would be completely different while being full of surprises.  

What is Build a Brawler?

As the name implies, “Build a Brawler"Refers to the fact that we ourselves have the possibility of building, or rather," creating "our own brawler, giving it the appearance we want, and the statistics that we find most convenient according to our style of play.

Build to Brawler template

You can imagine? A brawler with our own appearance, or the appearance of some symbolic character from popular culture, such as Batman, Spiderman, Goku or even Darth Vader. The possibilities would be endless!  

Well now it can be a reality, because in the official account of Brawl Stars, on Twitter, they launched a template in which you can put all the information regarding your own brawler. You just have to fill out the template and tweet it by tagging the official account of Brawl Stars.

At the moment it is nothing official, but possibly, in the near future, choose some of the best brawlers created by the community, and add them to the game.

Where did the idea Build a Brawler?

We are sure that you yourself have ever thought about designing your own brawler, stronger or faster than anyone, with a unique look that would make you the envy of all your friends. Have you really thought about it?

Well, you are not the only one, practically since the game began to become famous, many members of the community had speculated about what this option would be like in the game.

In addition, fanmade They also help a lot to feed this movement that today has had a kind of explosion on Twitter, where the hashtag #buildabrawler, so that our wishes are seen by the developers of Supercell.

The truth is that, so far, there is no official statement that gives us hope in addition to the squad on Twitter, but now that Ryan is the community boss, he could be a bridge for us to see this option in-game shortly.

Build to Brawler ryan

Anyway, we can only wait for the developers to add a section to build our own brawler and further expand the possibilities of the game.

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